2016 Legislative Session

Whether you choose to communicate from your kitchen table, personally visit your state legislator, or simply want to attend the Home School Day at the Capitol, our goal is to assist you in your efforts.  We hope our new tool box is helpful.  If you have a moment, we would love feedback and ideas to make it even better!

The 2016 Session is fast approaching. It begins Wednesday, January 13th, and ends in the middle of March.

Early in the session, we expect the state legislature to introduce the two homeschool bills vetoed by the Governor last year. One of these seeks to make it easier for homeschoolers to apply for the Promise Scholarship. The second, the homeschool modernization bill, seeks to upgrade the homeschool law to reflect the fact that parents are the ones responsible for directing the education of their children.

The important thing to remember about the legislative session is that each step in the process is another opportunity for you to contact your legislator in order to make him or her aware of your support or opposition for legislation. If the phones remain silent at these various steps, then the perception by legislators is that their constituents really do not care about the issues on which they must decide.

Yet it does not take many calls to make a difference. Only ten calls to a Delegate and as few as 25 calls to a State Senator can be enough to convince your representatives that an issue is important to their constituents.

Early January is a good time to set aside time to get ready for the session. We’ve put some timely and practical resources together for your convenience at HeritageCWV.org:

  • How a Bill Becomes a law
  • A current listing of both House and Senate Education Committee Members
  • A complete list of all Delegates and Senators
  • A map of the State Capitol
  • Parking Directions
  • Information on the Cafeteria
  • Guidelines for How to Address a Letter to a Legislator
  • More to come . . .

In communicating with your legislators, it may help you to realize that they understand some folks like to simply express their support or opposition in a single sentence, while others enjoy expressing their views at length. Never feel apprehensive about expressing your views the way that best fits you! The only requirement is that ALL communications are courteous and respectful. Seek the Lord for discernment and grace. The reason your representatives sought office is to represent you. Help them do their job! They very much want to hear from you and have set aside time to do so.

To participate in Home School Day at the Capitol, click here.