Labels for CHEWV


The labels are worth point values for CHEWV which we can trade for educational items.  The items can be used in a variety of ways.  Initially, we will be using them for giveaway prizes at our events.  Up to this point, almost all prizes have been donated by board members or, in the case of the conferences, by vendors.  But this new venue gives us opportunity to obtain more and better items for prize baskets, especially as we go to regional/local events like our recent art classes or Considering Homeschooling seminars.

In other words, this is a way you can help serve CHEWV families all over the state! As you help CHEWV bless others, they, in turn, connect with CHEWV and join us to protect homeschooling freedoms. As they understand how we stand together to protect our liberties and serve one another, we all benefit! It's just another way that we all work together! The Labels Program is one small cog in our wheel of service.


It’s easy to participate! Just click below to see the grocery brands participating in the program. From that page, click on each brand that you use to see what to save. Save the label, lid, or UPC as directed on their website. That’s it! Give them to a board member, bring them to any CHEWV event, or mail to CHEWV, PO Box 495, Jane Lew, WV 26378. Voila! You’ve assisted us to better serve WV families! Thank you! Contact Amy Karnes at 304-924-1366 or via email at for more information