Homeschoolers to Gather at Capitol

Join homeschoolers from all around the state on Thursday, January 31st, for Home School Day at the Capitol (HSDC).  Meet us first in the upper rotunda under the CHEWV banner, where we’ll gladly check you in and give you helpful information.  We’ll also show you where you can set up your display, should you wish to showcase your own homeschool endeavors. 

Before coming, you may want to contact your legislators and set up morning meetings to introduce yourselves and leave a card and/or token gift.  (Homemade cookies are always appreciated.) 

Round out the day by attending the late morning session, the midday rally, and a tour of either the Capitol or the governor’s mansion.  If you’ve taken these tours in previous years, historical exhibits at the WV Cultural Museum next door are open to the public, and the nearby Clay Center offers inexpensive tickets to the Avampato Discovery Museum, Caperton Planetarium and Theater, and Juliet Art Museum.

Check out the details here and be sure to register (free)!  We look forward to seeing everyone!

The Future of Homeschooling:

The Future of Homeschooling:

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