2015 Fine Arts Results

Senior High Fine Arts Festival

The 2015 Senior High Fine Arts Festival was held on the beautiful campus of Appalachian Bible College in Beckley, WV, on March 13.  The following were CHEWV participants.

Music Categories

First Place, Bryson French – Music Theory Test

First Place, Christina Harer – Female Vocal Solo

Second Place, Bryanna Blume – Female Vocal Solo

Superior, Amelia Welsh – Female Vocal Solo

First Place, Bryson French – Instrumental String Solo

Third Place, Adrea Welsh – Sacred Piano Solo

First Place, Bryson French – Classical Piano Solo

Third Place, Amelia Welsh – Classical Piano Solo

Art Categories

First Place, Christina Harer – Calligraphy

Second Place, Phoebe McClanahan – Monochromatic Drawing

First Place, Christina Harer – Polychromatic Drawing

First Place, Ethan Park – Acrylic Painting

Photography Categories

Excellent, Phoebe McClanahan – Still Life

Excellent, Charlotte McClanahan – Still Life

Excellent, Bryson French – Still Life

First Place, Bryson French – People & Animal (Perfect Score!)

Excellent, Charlotte McClanahan – People & Animal

Class III, Phoebe McClanahan – Landscapes/Architecture

Class IV, Charlotte McClanahan – Landscapes/Architecture

Class IV, Bryson French – Landscapes/Architecture


Junior High Fine Arts Festival

The 2015 Junior High and Elementary Fine Arts Festival was held at Grace Gospel Church in Huntington, WV on March 2, 2015. The following were CHEWV participants.

Academic Testing Categories

Second Place, Ellie Boyd – Old Testament Knowledge

Second Place, Katie Mills – English

Superior, Sydney Lough – English

First Place, Ellie Boyd – Mathematics

Second Place, Sydney Lough – Mathematics

Superior, Katie Mills – Geography/History

Superior, Katie Mills – Creative Writing: Poetry

First Place, Katie Mills – Expository Writing: Essay

Second Place, Ellie Boyd – Expository Writing: Essay

First Place, Katie Mills – Spelling Bee

First Place, Katie Mills – Spelling Test

Music Categories

Second Place, Sydney Lough – Classical Piano Solo

Excellent, Erica McCutcheon – Classical Piano Solo

Class III, Evan Welsh – Sacred Piano Solo

Photography Categories

Excellent, Erica McCutcheon – Landscapes/Architecture

Elementary Fine Arts Festival – receives ribbon awards only

Academic Testing Categories

Excellent, Kelly Mills – English

Superior, Shaylin Spargo – Mathematics

Superior – Shayline Spargo – Science

Excellent, Sarah Lough – Science

Excellent, Kelly Mills – Science

Superior, Sarah Lough – Geography/History

Excellent, Kelly Mills – Geography/History

Superior, Kelly Mills – Creative Writing: Poetry

Superior, Kelly Mills – Written Spelling Test

Music Categories

Superior, Ryland Luikart – Sacred Piano Solo

Superior, Sharah Spargo – Sacred Piano Solo

Superior, Taylor Horst – Sacred Piano Solo

Superior, John Amedro – Classical Piano Solo

Excellent, Shaylin Spargo – Classical Piano Solo

Excellent, John Amedro & Julia Amedro – Classical Piano Duet

Art Categories

Superior, Sarah Lough – Polychromatic Drawing

Superior, Kelly Mills – Polychromatic Drawing

Superior, Taylor Horst – Textiles

Superior, Shaylin Spargo – Textiles

Excellent, Rachel Fisher – Textiles

Superior, Sarah Lough – Scratch Art