Used Curriculum

The Used Curriculum Fair is a great place to sell or buy homeschool curriculum and helps!

Bringing used used curriculum is easy!  We will have tables and you bring the items for sale with clearly labeled envelopes with your name, item, and price attached or in the front cover of the book.

Buying items is also easy, but cash (bring those coins and dollars) is the only method of payment!  When an item is found that you want to purchase, simply place the exact amount of cash in the envelope and then deposit the envelope in a container by the door.

We will also have an area for giveaways.  You never know where a treasure will be found!  Please note that we will refuse old encyclopedia sets or any such type of large collection of heavy books.  Any items that are not picked up after the sale will be tossed.  We are sorry, but we are just not able to track everyone down to return items.