Lab Classes

FREE High School Science Labs in a College Setting

High school math and science courses can seem daunting despite the plethora of curriculum choices available, yet lab sciences are pre-requisite for college admissions. So it’s easy to see why CHEWV was excited to partner with West Virginia Junior College to provide FREE lab classes on Friday, November 13. This was a perfect opportunity for students to use college lab equipment and to beef up his or her transcript and course descriptions. Exposure to a few college majors was icing on the cake since the labs were part of any biology, chemistry or computer class, no matter the student’s future plans.

These labs were available to any high school student and included the following labs:

  1. Taking blood pressures and performing patient transfers.
  2. Compounding in the pharmacy lab classroom. This will include working with IV bags and two aspects of compounding: sterile and non-sterile.
  3. Dental lab: making an impression. The student will be supplied a vinyl polysiloxane impression material to mix and apply to a dental typodont “patient” to make a dental impression.
  4. IT labs: the first group will be creating CAT6 Ethernet patch cables.  Each participant will be provided a stripped Ethernet cable and will have to properly straighten each wire in the correct order to be crimped into RJ-45 jacks.  The second group will be placed in front an open PC that has had all of the data cables removed.  After a short explanation, each participant will have to properly replace all the data cables and verify by powering on the PC.