Test Center Testing

Registration deadline for Spring 2021 testing has been extended again through February 9.

Cost: K-2nd grade — $36; 3rd grade and up — $26


1. Choose a test center.

Current test centers with contact information are listed here. Counties are listed for reference only; all are welcome to test in the center of their choice. Please confirm with the Test Center Coordinator (TCC) about specific testing dates and any local fees. Each center may test at a different time, but all times are to be within CHEWV’s testing window.

       *If your usual test center is not offered this year because of Covid-19 concerns, we can accommodate small-group testing with approved administrators in homes, in addition to our regular private or online testing. Please contact testing@chewv.org for more information about this temporary, Covid-19-related option. 

2. Choose your report sheet.

3. Inform the Test Center Coordinator that you have registered so that she will then plan for your children.

4. Register for test center testing here.

If for any reason you are unable to register online, choose the mail-in option here.

The top portion of the mailed registration should be sent to:

Becky Price
PO Box 172
Reedsville, WV  26547


Email:  testing@chewv.org

Please send the bottom portion of the registration form to your Test Center Coordinator.