Getting CHEWV Scores

If you have tested with CHEWV and are awaiting your scores, this is what to expect:

  • The email address you provided at registration will be used. Contact to make any changes.
  • When the scores are ready (usually by the beginning of May), an informational email will be sent to you from CHEWV. Read it carefully for specific instructions. 
  • A second email from BJU Press Testing & Evaluation, our test distributor, will immediately follow. That email will contain a link by which you can access your children’s scores from a secure website hosted by BJU Press Testing & Evaluation. There the official scores can both be retrieved and printed. 
  • However, that link will only work for a limited time. Therefore, we request that parents “associate” the scores to their personal BJU Press Testing & Evaluation accounts.(If you do not have a BJU Press Testing & Evaluation  account, it is easy to create one.) In fact, you can place scores for subsequent years into that same account for easy reference and comparison. Help to manage all the above will be available both from CHEWV and from BJU Press Testing & Evaluation as part of the cost of the test.
  • Because the law now requires that assessments for every child of compulsory age be maintained for three years, it’s important that you print a copy of your test results for your records – in case of a computer glitch.
  • Score reports will include a Student Profile and a Profile Narrative. But neither of these is what you should turn in to the county.  
  • A couple weeks later you will receive a WV-specific score report in the mail from CHEWV.  It will contain only the five required scores, the mean stanine, and the publishing or norm date of the test. This physical report should arrive in a regular business-size envelope by the end of May.  Please watch for it and keep track of it even though the rest of the scores have already been received electronically.  Assessment results for students in grades 3, 5, 8, and 11 are due to the county by June 30. If you are turning in test scores, CHEWV’s county report is sufficient. Please note that CHEWV does not give assessment results to the counties; the parent is responsible to do that for each homeschooled child in the required grades.

If you are trying to locate past CHEWV scores, this is the process:

  • If you moved your child’s scores to your own personal account at BJU Press Testing & Evaluation , go to and choose “log in” in the upper right hand corner.  After logging in, choose “My Account,” also in the upper right hand corner.  From there, choose “My Tests.”  This should take you to the page with your children’s scores.
  •  If you have difficulty with your account page, contact BJU Press Testing & Evaluation at or by calling 800-845-5731. Other questions can be addressed to