We’re glad to be part of the CHEWV family!

Meet the Shutler Family!

We are pleased to introduce the Shutler family this month.  Lori is our graduation reception coordinator.

Tell us a little about your family.

Adam and I met in college and were married two years later. A year into our marriage the Lord blessed us with our first child and we had three more soon after: Noah age 9, Titus age 7, Jonah age 4, and Felicity age 2. We have lived in north central West Virginia for 11 years and are members of Victory Baptist Church in Fairmont. 

How long have you been homeschooling?

We have been homeschooling for five years. 

Tell us about your homeschooling.

From the time I was a young girl I wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom, but that never included homeschooling. When our oldest was preschool age I started looking into private schools and couldn’t find one that met our needs. Adam had always desired for us to be a homeschool family, but I still didn’t see myself in that role. As the time came for us to make a decision, I had real anxiety about sending my son away five days a week and had a strong desire to spend as much time as possible with our children. BUT I still did not have a heart for homeschooling; I didn’t feel capable. I remember praying one night that if God wanted us to be a homeschool family, then HE would have to change my heart because I did not have that desire. God answered; I woke up the next morning with a new outlook. I knew we were meant to be a homeschool family and I was finally excited about it! Looking back I see God was guiding us in this direction all along. I had a sweet friend, Carrie Bramlee, in the southern part of the state, whom I hadn’t seen in years, reach out to me and encourage me to homeschool my children. Without knowing my inner struggles, she not only encouraged me and told me I was capable but also connected me to a homeschool group in our community. With her urging, we visited our local Classical Conversations community six years ago, and it was a fit from the start. The families there were such an encouragement to me and gave us the push we needed to get started. We have been part of our CC community for five years and can’t imagine our homeschool journey without them. 

Homeschooling our children has been so rewarding already. I was intimidated most by the thought of teaching our children to read, but it turned out to be my favorite part! I love the world I have opened up for them through a love of books. 

We enjoy all the other benefits of homeschooling, as well. For example, our oldest was able to join Adam on a mission trip in March to Grenada. Having a flexible schedule allows our children to explore areas outside of academics when the opportunities present themselves: such as mission trips, piano, backpacking trips, caring for family members, etc. The benefit we enjoy the most, though, is watching the relationships grow between our children. They truly are each other’s best friends. Our oldest two have such a sweet relationship with our youngest two that I’m not sure they’d have if they were in school a majority of the day.  They remember the day our youngest were born, bringing them home, and everything after. I am so thankful that God allowed us to be a homeschool family and that we are able to spend these precious years with our children and watch our family bond grow stronger every year.

Why did you join CHEWV?

We needed help and guidance! Starting out, we did not have any close friends or family members in WV that homeschool, and we felt like a fish out of water. God always provides, however, and he provided so much for us through CHEWV. We love that CHEWV is a Christian organization fighting for our rights as homeschoolers. The resources made available through Homeschool 101, Homeschooling through the High School years, testing sites, college fair, graduation, and the monthly newsletters are what we need as a homeschool family to make sure we’re doing things correctly and keeping up-to-date on the latest news from our state legislators. We are so thankful for CHEWV and all the time put in by both board couples and members to make all their ministries possible.   


We are grateful that the Shutlers are part of CHEWV’s ministry.  When it comes down to it, CHEWV is a community of current and veteran homeschool families working together to serve God and one another.  If you have not yet joined us, we invite you to become a member today!