How Do I Register?

Steps to Register for CHEWV Testing: 

Registration Deadline: January 27, 2018

Testing Window:  March 5-23, 2018

Cost:  K-2nd – $36

3rd-12th – $26

  1. Decide the test level of your child.  For the early grades, this article may be helpful.
  2. Decide between test center testing and private testing. 

Test CentersCHEWV works with local support groups to provide test centers around the state. Test centers help make testing easier for parents, ensures that the procedure meets the standards of the WV law, and assists parents who are new and need help.  In group settings, qualified administrators can assist several families at once.  Test Center Coordinators volunteer to find both a facility and approved administrators to provide testing for all grade levels.


Private Testing – Occasionally one-on-one testing is needed because of special needs or special circumstances; and, unfortunately, test centers are not available in all parts of the state. For those reasons, we also provide the “private testing” option. For that option, parents take the responsibility to find an approved administrator, a place to test, and a testing schedule within CHEWV’s testing window.